Design is not what we make. Design is what we make possible.


I'm Raf, an Italian-born Product Design Lead focused on transforming complex experiences into simple, human-centered solutions.

I believe design should be not only intuitive, but also communicative, emotive, and deeply empathetic to empower users.


As an Accessibility Design Lead at CurbCutOS, I'm working to automate issue reporting and create more inclusive digital spaces.

Alongside this, I'm energized by Toronto's innovative startup scene and actively exploring opportunities within this vibrant community to relocate.



Work Experience

Most recently I worked with Meistrari on their AI-based suite that offers craft, test and evaluate prompts all in one place. In the past, I've worn many hats, which involved an internship at Apple (iOS 12), defining identities for startups like Artscapy, launching the first mobile app for TravelNest, and managing to design systems at global giants like Zalando.

Alongside these roles, I helped agencies and their clients and founded Align Studio, where I delved into the exciting potentials of AI and collaborated with diverse partners, from internal projects like wineg.pt to client work with the U.S. Government for their National Archives Museum (through Agileana).

Outside of Work

Outside work, I co-host Lenny's Newsletter Lisbon meetups.

Continuously exploring new ways to contribute to the design community. I've had a chance to live in varied cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, and New York before choosing Lisbon, and looking at Toronto now.

But life's not all about work. I invest time in meditation, focus on mental health, recharge with biking, and indulge in books.

I'm always interested in creating spaces where people can meet and connect outside the digital realm.

Fancy a chat or have a bright idea? 

Don't hesitate - I'm always excited to meet new people and explore fresh perspectives.

Tools of choice

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Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.