Product Design, Design System


Project information

As a Product Design System Designer at Zalando, I supported on the business-to-business (B2B) and consumer teams. Being part of a large corporation, I found my niche within a small team focused on the partners' experience. Together, we established guidelines and set examples to facilitate the work of designers within the organization.

One particular project stands out - kickstarting a new approach to designing with a blank canvas. I worked on GitHub for tracking design system tasks and established the "Starter Kit." Recognizing that designers often referred to guidelines within their design tool, I maintained a ready-to-use component set, complete with examples and minimal documentation. As a result of maintaining and updating the master copy – in both the public front-end stage and during edits – our guidelines were easily accessible and proved to be effective in ensuring consistency across designs.

Operating independently while guided by the trust and support from my manager, Robert Kortenoeven, allowed me to host the "Design System Open House" - a space for designers to explore and discuss new patterns with me.

Being a part of a large e-commerce organization like Zalando came with its challenges. It required more time and a commitment to producing high-quality work that would inspire others. My teammate, Stefano Contiero, was instrumental in helping with the onboarding and gathering context, making the process smoother.

The results? Faster delivery, improved retention, and crucial time saved for engineers in implementation. Working with both the B2B and B2C teams provided me with a holistic mastery of the design system, enhancing the overall quality of outputs.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.