Product Design, Design Lead


Project information

In the role of Product Design Lead, I shaped Atlas, an NFT marketplace offering an extensive trading suite. As a "player-lead," I guided two designers during the project's inception and designed myself, coupled with the necessary responsibility of maintaining our budding internal system.

One of our bold and exciting undertakings was the "Pro Trading View." This feature, inspired by the motion of fish in an ocean, aimed to streamline the process for traders, allowing them to select and buy the best deals swiftly. Operating on two-week sprints and working cross-functionally with the engineering and product teams materialized this vision.

Having an established visual language and a suite of components was critical — it expedited exploration and proposal of different aspects without compromising on quality. This efficiency was made possible through our cross-functional approach, where designers led and progressed features before coming together for regrouping. With thorough competitive analysis and pattern auditing, we managed to accelerate the development of the product.

Of course, challenges were present, such as tight timelines and the pioneering space we ventured into. Despite these, we launched our beta version at Miami Metaverse, gaining initial attention and traction. A real boost to morale was when the project secured backing from Eric Schmidt.

Even though the project eventually concluded due to market factors, being able to design and shape a complex space like this was an invaluable experience. This journey allowed me to help create something truly holistic and innovative, serving as a testament to the power of design.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.