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Over the course of my career, I've had the chance to wear many hats and immerse myself in a variety of unique projects at different stages, responsibilities and industries. These included internships, freelance work, and even founding startups. Each endeavor provided its own distinctive lessons and experiences.

Apple was one of the first places I honed my skills, there as an intern. The experience was crucial, offering a taste of the pace and scale of design in tech giants and shaping a considerable portion of my design philosophy.

Small to mid-size companies, such as Ethos and Artscapy, brought their challenges. Here, the task was to understand specific niche communities and create offerings that catered to them.

Academic projects fostered discipline and focus. My work with US Museum Archives, for instance, urged me to consider preservation and display in design, while contributing to OpenMRS, a healthcare project, emphasized the gravity of functionality and accuracy in the work we do.

My entrepreneurial journey endowed responsibilities beyond design. Founding and developing the iOS app for wineg.pt was an exercise in understanding the product lifecycle and wearing multiple hats - a rewarding challenge that strengthened not only my design but also my strategy and management skills.

In all, this vibrant mix of clients and projects have layered depth and dimension to my work, shaping a well-rounded, empathetic approach to design that balances user needs, business goals, and robust functionality.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.

Be kind. Work hard. Spread joy.